Cat60 Products

Here's a list of some of the products we use. We have partnered with these companies to provide the best security and performance. Please call for quotes.

Barracuda Networks Backup Servers and Firewalls

Barracuda Networks

Cat60 Designs has used Barracuda Networks for over 5 years. We feel Barracuda networks has the best appliances and security platforms. We use them for Firewalls, Backup Systems, and Email Security.

Upserve POS analytical software and Breadcrumb POS


Cat60 Designs has recently partnered with Upserve to provide another service for Restaurants Clubs an Bars. Upserve is making a huge impact in these industries, providing seamless integration with They not only have a reliable, fast POS system, Breadcrumb, but they gather analytical information from guests to help your company grow.

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Symantec Cloud Services, Enterprise Anti-Virus
Lenovo Computers

Symantec Cloud

Car60 Designs uses Symantec Cloud for all our anti virus application. We use it because we can monitor potential problems on your systems and and advise if any actions are needed. 99% of all incidents require no actions and are resolved instantly.


Cat60 Designs sells Lenovo systems primarily. We have a lot of faith in Lenovo to deliver a reliable computer at a reasonable price with American Tech Support. Lenovo has been building IBM computers for many years before they bought the IBM computer platform.

TeamViewer Remote Control Software
Western Digital Hard Drives and NAS

Team Viewer

We use Team Viewer to remote access our clients computers. It allows us to work on your systems no matter where we are. We can setup unattended access to do work when your not there or have you grant us access each time we need to access the computer.


What computer company wouldn't use Microsoft products. We have a vast knowledge in all of Microsoft products. All versions of Windows including Server. All versions of Microsoft Office and more.

Western Digital

Cat60 has partnered with Western Digital to provide most of our hard drives. We trust Western Digital to provide a secure internal or external drive. We use Western Digital primarily for Network Access Storage.