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Site Design

Let Cat60 Designs Help!!

Let us build the perfect website for you. We offer custom sites for reasonable prices. We can build a simple one page site to an enterprise site. We have many tricks to make your site stand out. We don't just let you hanging after the design. We offer:


  • Custom Site Design
  • Low Cost Hosting for Site and Email
  • Low Cost Monthly Maintenance
  • Logo Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Search Engine Submission, With Search Engine Visibility
  • Maintained Social Media  Marketing
  • (And More)

Most Recent Websites Designed by Cat60

Johnny Q's Restaurant Website
Piper's Sports Bar and Grill

Johnny Q's Restaurant

Piper's Sports Bar and Grill


SEO is tricky and ever changing. If you think about SEO as a library, search engines are the librarian and your site is a book. Librarians need to know how to find books that are relevant to what your searching for. SEO is the way you index the content of your site.

Social Marketing

Cat60 Designs has incorporated a marketing strategy to go along with SEO and Website Development. It only makes sense that while we're there already we can formulate a strategy to drive more business your way. Social marketing takes time to develop. It take a lot of effort to keep engaged with current patrons and future patrons. Your social media is a valuable tool to help drive more business your way. Small amounts of interaction with us will turn into a lot of interaction with your customers. We can drive them to your site using coupons or specials.

Managed Social Media Marketing