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Website Design, digital marketing SEO agency and social media marketing for companies for now and the future. We deliver customers with Press Releases and Website Optimization. We fix your website. Cat60 Designs builds websites that perform and deliver SEO ready website  evelopment. We specialize in eCommerce and Information Website Design Solutions. Our designs are fully responsive and mobile ready. Based out of South  Florida we work all over the world. Our Expert designers build sites around your needs. We build every website like it was our own. Every website we build is setup for social marketing as well. Find out the difference a company that cares can make for your website design needs.

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Website Development

Responive modern designs to be attractive and functional on any device and browser.

Internet Marketing

We’re an SEO/Digital marketing agency devoted to delivering customers to our customers

Social Marketing

Let us take care of your social Media Marketing Tasks. We have experience in all social marketing

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Our Services

We specialize in SEO Strategies to deliver customers to our customers. We’re a digital marketing agency that does Social Media Marketing. Digital Marketing, Website Repairs, Website Development, SEM, PPC and custom graphic design. We help with reputation management and domain authority, We’re also a full IT service provider with over 22 years of experience.

We can analyze your website to show it’s strengths and weaknesses, develop a strategy with you to help promote your business. MORE INFO .. 


SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Advertising Agency, Marketing Agency

Make Your Website Work For You!

Did you spend your hard earned money on a webstie and have not seen results? The reason may not be your webisite, but the way you market it. No marketing = No Conversions. It takes a long time to get a website ranked. It you don’t tell the world you are here how would they know?

Press Release

Cat60 Designs is offering press releases!! We have launched a new program that will skyrocket your company to and deliver customers to your door.

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is an article that goes to the major networks like ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX and more. It gets linked to literally 100’s of news outlets. If you want to jump ahead of your competitors this is the easiest way. You will get 100’s of high authority backlinks. READ MORE…

Call us and lets talk about strategy that will get your company the recognition it deserves. We want to drive business your way. Get a free website analysis and we can spend some time exploring the things that will help your business grow.


Press Release For Domain Authority

Digital Marketing and SEO Agency

We have been doing a lot of research on digital marketing and SEO and what that can do for a company. We’re now focusing on helping companies fix existing websites to deliver customers. SEO and Digital Marketing including Social Media Marketing is a giant part of what we’re doing now.

One of the quickest ways do deliver quick results is a press release. We are happy to announce that press releases are not just for fortune 500 companies, and we offer them. We use Impress Release to deliver custom made press releases. You can have a press release and get picked up by hundreds of news outlets including CNN, FOX, MSNBC. ABC, CBS and local news outlets. This will rocket your website to the top. This month we are running a special of $175.

85% of all people are looking for companies like yours to buy goods and services locally. If you are not on the first page of search engines, those customers are going to your competition. Here’s the part where you can capitalize on getting more traffic to your business.

90% of all websites have problems. Even if you have a shiny new website there could be issues that can be fixed. These problems are affecting their ranking score. These sites may appear on the top of search engines and that’s how we help you. If your competitors have these problems and you fix your site, you win. Give us a call and let one of our expert SEO managers help you decide if our service would be right for you.

Business Growth

Business Growth From SEO

So what does all this SEO mean for your bottom line? It should be a simple answer, more customers means more money. There’s no exact science as to how much more you will make if your site is working better for you. The only way to measure success is over time. With 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses if you’re not on page one, you are giving customers to your competition. We have developed strategies to get you there.

Why wouldn’t you invest in potential growth? Because you have no idea what it would be worth? The only way to understand the value of SEO to you is to see how well your competitors are doing. Do a Google search for a keyword that would relate to your business. See what comes up. So if your a restaurant, do a search for restaurant in the city when your business is. See if you come up. You should show up in 2 locations. The Google Local 3 Pack Box and as a link on that page. If you don’t show in both of those locations.  you have serious problems.

Start off with a free website analysis so we can meter where your site is and what issues it has. Let us get you a Press Release. Give your site an overhaul.  Let us take care of your social media. Let us manage your digital marketing. We can take care of all those things and more. Most important, let us bring you more customers and manage your marketing, so you can manage your business. For over 20 years we have been helping people advance their businesses online.


Website Design | SEO | Social Media Marketing

Fix Your Website

Fix Your Site

We have discovered that over 80% of websites have issues that hurt their Local SEO Ranking. You need to take advantage of this. You are leaving money on the table. Most people search the Internet for services and products. Most people use devices that recognize their location and search results are more local. You can easily rank high on the list by just some tweaks to your site. Don’t keep handing money to your competition. We are able to provide you with a free site analysis that will show you where you can improve your site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website performed by Cat60 Designs

Digital Marketing and SEO

What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Websites need to have this done if the intent is to have people find you on search engines. Properly researched and placed keywords allow for a website to be ranked by search engines. Most Website Design Companies just make a site and go to the next customer. Our company feels you are far more important than that. We optimize all of our designs. We have tools to measure success. We also use GTmetrix as we will suggest you use it as well to measure your speed and see errors.

Social Media Advertising on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

Social Media Marketing

We build websites with the intent to help your company prosper in the digital world. Cat60 Designs has the experience to design attractive well laid out websites. Every website we build is optimized for search engine ranking.  With Social Media Marketing we can leverage untapped demographics and explore new revenue channels. Everyone is on social media, your business should be as well. We maintain all your social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business. Let us take care of these so you don’t have to.

We build, fix and market websites

Website Design

Cat60 Designs is a website design company that builds websites that perform. When we build websites we do all the initial SEO, and search engine submissions. Every website is completed in a timely professional manor. Our designs are created around your specific needs. We can work with every platform to bring you a unique, professional and eye catching website. Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Press Releases will help as well. See the difference a company that cares about their business partners can do for you. Call us to discuss a strategy that works for you.

SEO and Website Development for marketing strategy


Our website designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are strategically laid out. We let you dictate the content and we help to structure it For SEO. Our designs are made with your goals in mind and help develop a strategy that works for you. As you read this the words are carefully picked to help Google and other search engines determine where this website should be placed. We also do many things that an rocket your company to the top of search engines. We use Press Releases, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Sit Optimization to deliver customers to your door.

Measuring the growth of your business with SEO and Analytics


At Cat60 designs we know in order to grow, we have to help your company grow. We will put our experience to work for you by delivering a website  with your growth potential in mind. We listen to your needs because who knows your business better than you? If your current website developer or SEO specialist is not listening to you, perhaps it’s time to find one that does. Our Marketing Experts work diligently to deliver customer to you. We have the tools, experience and willingness to take your business to the next level.

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Barry Cohen  Barry Cohen

              Absolute Allergy Products Click For Website

5 Star Rating for service done for Absolute Allergy Products

“This internet design company is the best I have ever found and I have had websites designed for me since 1994!”

July 11, 2018

Jo MoJoe Mondo

           Insurance Designers, Inc.

           Click for Website

5 Star Rating for service done for Insurance Designers, Inc.

” Have been working with this company for the last few years and they have been the best when it comes to service and tech advice”

September 1, 2018

Stephanie FinzStephanie Finz

           Northern Landscape, Inc.

           Click For Website

5 Star Rating for service done for Northern Landscape

“Bill is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates an enormous amount of expertise in both web development and graphic design. Gets it done! “

June 19, 2018


          Florida Safe & Locksmith Services  Click For Website

5 Star Rating for service done for Florida Safe and Locksmith Services

I had Cat60 Designs build a website, do the SEO and Social Marketing for my new company Florida Safe & Locksmith Services. The website has only been active about 2 weeks and I’m already getting customers. 

June 19, 2018

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Website Designs Completed

Just a few sites we have completed.

Yungger Website https://yungger.com


We just got done rebuilding this website. It went from a products information page to a full eCommerce Website. A shiny new site, easy to navigate. They don’t sell a bunch of items but we will be able to mover them with digital and social marketing.

Insurance Designers, Inc. Website. https://insurancedesignersinc.com


This site was built in WordPress a April of 2018. It has quite a few pages. Currently we are working on SEO to drive business including a monthly press release. Insurance companies can benefit greatly with proper SEO and press releases.

Absolute Allergy Products Website. https://absoluteallergyproducts.com


This is a full eCommerce site, just launched in October 2018. It’s built on WordPress and has WooCommerce for it’s shopping cart. We are doing a press release for this site, full SEO package, digital and social media marketing.  .

Classic Chemicals Website https://degreaser.net


Classic Chemical Corp. Develops degreasing cleaners. I had learned a lot about this industry from the owner. Classic Chemicals is a global company. SEO is tricky with this one but with press releases and digital marketing we will get this site to the top.

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