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Cat60 Designs

From our minds to your fingertips!

Cat60 Designs is an all-in-one website design
Company based in South Florida. We develop
websites that work. Please feel free to
contact us for all your website needs.

About Cat60 Designs

From our minds to your finger tips!
So many about pages have been created. Sometimes you just want them to go away. This page is view into the company you are considering doing business with. If you have gotten to this page, you’re trying to decide if you will do business with our company. So if you are reading this somehow it has captured your attention. I can say that we are always trying to find ways to be different and this is our one opportunity to show you who we are. So here comes the part where I need to turn on the professionalism.

Cat60 Designs is a relatively new company. We have been in business for a little over a year. I know what you’re thinking, how do I measure how long a year is in relation to this company. Perhaps they haven’t updated their site for several years and they’re actually a 8 year old company. I can tell you that we will be updating content and this will be changing. If you need to know we started in July 2017. We have many years of experience in Website Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

The owner has been in business for himself for over 22 years in the IT industry. He has been servicing South Florida for most of that time and even does out of state contracting for networking. As far as Website Design goes, we build sites anywhere in the world. Same thing goes with SEO and Social Marketing. Unless there’s a language barrier we can do your Internet work.

Our office is located in Lake Worth, FL, Palm Beach County considered South Florida. No it’s not always sunny here. As a matter of fact to date this site, hurricane Michael just left Florida and is moving into the northeast states. God Bless the people that were hurt from this horrible storm. That’s enough of this rambling. I need to make the image that goes on the other side of this text.

Just thought a jaguar in a tree would look cool here. For reference I do love big cats but Cat60 stands for Cat 6 Network cable. 🙂


105 Akron Rd.
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Close to
West Palm Beach

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