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Cat60 Designs has been working with computers since 1995.
We’re a Computer Networking, Lake Worth Company and we do

Computer Repair, Printer Repair and can handle any

task when it comes to IT Services including wired and

wireless computer networks.

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Computer Networking Lake Worth

Cat60 Designs is a full service computer company. We do computer repair and printer repair as part of out IT services. We consider ourselves more a Computer Networking Lake Worth Company and do both wired and wireless computer Networking.

Computer Repair Software and Harware

Cat60 Designs has been building and servicing computers since 1995. We can fix most problems with systems. The only reason we cannot fix a system is if it costs too much to repair. We can heal systems from virus and malware and even ransom ware.

Printer Repair Including HP Plotters

Cat60 Designs can fix most laser printers and some copiers. We have relationships with companies that if we can’t fix it we can refer you. Please feel free to call us and we will head you in the right direction. We’re also one of the last Plotter Repair companies in Palm Beach County.

Remote Services For Computer Repair

Cat60 Designs is motivated to bring fast reliable service to its customers. We can remote administrate your systems to fix problems before you have down time. If we cannot fix your problem over the phone we would be more than happy to come to you at affordable rates.

Remote Repair

We have developed a system so that you don’t have to bring your computer to us. We can do 90% of our repairs over the Internet using remote services. Please click on the image to the right to download Team Viewer 9.

When We do this Computer Repair or just support, we ask you to please make sure anything you don’t want us to see is closed. Contact us before you download at 561-429-4222. We want to make sure that we are available to support you.


We’re a Computer Networking Lake Worth Company and do Computer Repair,Printer Repair and are qualified to assist you. We do not share any data with anyone. We’re loyal to our customers and would never do anything to break the trust we will earn.


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