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“You are the artist, We are the pen!”

Press Release!

There are a few options to look at for a press release. If you want to just try one or up to 3 out there is the single option with no commitment ongoing. Take advantage of an offer that allows you to try out our service and see how it works for you. Perhaps you just want to add a press release to an already existing campaign without upping your monthly commitment. Use the one time press release option for this. If you have already decided you want to do ongoing press releases choose a monthly plan or 1, 2 or 4 Press Releases every month, use the monthly press release options for that. 

Cat60 Designs Fix My Site

“You are the artist, We are the pen!”

Fix My Site SEO

Does your site need a face lift? We can make your existing site work for you. Ask for a Website Analysis and we can develop a strategy to get that website working. Our expert SEO specialists are waiting for you. They will run the report, review issues you have and send you a copy of the report with details they have found. If you just want your site fixed order a fix and we will give your site the needed attention. Only purchase if your website is made on WordPress. We would need to quote any other type of website. Last would be to install an SSL. Google announced this year that all websites need an SSL or they will not look at the site for ranking.. Read More Here

One Time Press Release Options

This service is a one time fee. To continue you would need to order after the press release/releases have been used. You can opt for a monthly subscription and reduce your cost.

Monthly Press Releases Option

This service is billed every month. It will supercharge your site. Your site will gain high authority and drive business your way. You can cancel after the second month.

Chose 1 or 2 Years Includes Installation

This item includes us installing the SSL for you. You can buy a 1 or 2 year SSL we will manage and support for you. 

Fix My Website $500. Must Be A WordPress Website for Us to Fix

We will make sure that all issues on the website analysis are addressed and fixed. We will get your score up at least one grade higher guaranteed. Works only on WordPress Websites. 

Press Release

A Press release will give your site a major boost by linking your site from 100’s of media outlets. 

  • Gain Domain Authority
  • Gane Page Authority
  • Improve The Way Google And Others See You
  • Get Ranked With High End Keywords
  • Gain Rank Locally
  • Get More Traffic To Your Website

Fix My Website

Does Your Website Need A Face Lift. Here are the services we will perform.

  • Website Analysis
  • Optimize Images To Reduce Size and Gain Speed
  • Optimize Your Code To Gain Speed
  • Create Keyword Linking
  • Improve Or Create Page Titles On All Pages
  • Improve Or Create Page Descriptions On All Pages
  • Install SSL if You Need One And Order It
  • Get Your Score Up At Least One Grade.

SSL And Installation

Cat60 Designs will sell and support a 1 or 2 year SSL for you. This will gain credabillity with site visitors and improve your ranking with Google. Furthermore, if you don’t have an SSL, when you or a visitor visits the site without it a red flag comes up warning that your site is not secure. Get one today and we will install it for you.

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