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Social media Marketing is the new
way to bring new visitors to your
Website. You can also keep touch
with your current base.

Cat60 Designs Social Media Marketing

“You are the artist, We are the pen!”

Social Media Marketing

The most effective way to keep in touch with your customers and reach new ones. Social media marketing should be one of your most focused elements of your Internet marketing strategy. In today’s world, social media markers allow search engines like Google to measure your interactions with your customers. Social Media Marketing is a great way to keep in touch with old customers or to acquire new clients. Here’s how you can use Social Media to your advantage.

  • Show the world how you interact with your customers
  • Offer discounts and events to attract old and new business
  • Show off your  business with pictures and articles
  • Advertise your blog posts, website, goods and services
  • Brand Your Business
  • Talk directly to old customers and new prospects
Attract New Customers Through Social Media

Find New Customers

Social Media Marketing is a the new way to get new customers to find out about your business. You can post engaging content on your social media and draw a new crowd of people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others help your website several different ways.

  1. Your content gets picked up by search engines
  2. You can send people to your website with ads. Social Media ads are cheaper than Search Engine Pay Per Clicks.
  3. Develop a following that will check out your website from time to time.
Keep in touch and find new clients with social medai

Keep In Touch With Your Base and New Clients

When you get your customers to follow you on social media, you have a way to communicate with them. You can put posts up to talk directly to them. You can offer discounts to reward followers or acquire new customers. You can showcase events to attract an audience. Use the power of social media to grow your business and add a new element to  your advertising strategies. Cat60 Designs can help you by managing all your social media marketing so you can concentrate on your business.

Social Media Marketing can get more website traffic to your sier

Help Your Website To Send Traffic

One thing for SEO is to have visitors come to your site and stay a while. So you have an audience in your social media you can get to go to your site. Also through the use of paid ads you can get new visitors to your site as well. You can sell products, push people to your website or get them to follow your social media page. All these things are good. Google uses your social media markers to help them see how you interact with your customers. This is what will help with the organic placement of your website. Businesses that use social media to their advantage are rewarded with better search engine ranking.

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