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Cat60 Designs is dedicated to our customers. We want to see every business succeed. This is why we are offering a free no obligation, website analysis. The detailed report will show areas on a website that can be approved. You can use it to make a decision on hiring us or taking it back to your website designer to have them fix it. Again the analysis is absolutely free just call us today. 561-429-4222.

Cat60 Designs Press Release

“You are the artist, We are the pen!”

Cat60 Designs is now selling press releases. Press releases are a quick and affordable way to really drive people to your business. Here’s what they are used for

  • Starting a new Business – If you are starting a new business a press release will get your name in from of your competitors fast
  • Announcements – If you open a new location, reach a goal, launch a new product or got a new website. Whatever you want to announce, a press release is the perfect way to get your word out to the world.
  • Charities –¬† You can announce a fund raiser to drive more people to your cause.

There are so many reasons to use a press release.


How Does A Press Release Work?

First we decide what you want to talk about in the press Release. We get bullet points, website address, phone numbers, email addresses you want to publish. We submit it to Impress Release and their expert content writers create the content. You are then given the article for review. You can tweak it any way you want.

Once submitted it is then sent out to all the major news networks. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and literally 100’s of high authority¬† news websites. The benefits are amazing. It gives your website instant ranking.

Why do I get Ranking?

SEO is a tricky game. It’s very hard to get people ranked and keep them ranked on Google. A press release gives backkinks. These news outlets create links back to your site. They have a very high authority. Google looks at your site as a place that must be and authority in your industry. So Google gives your site instant preference.¬†

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