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Cat60 Designs is a full service web development company doing every aspect
of website work. We do Website Design, SEO, Custom Graphics, Branding
Social Marketing and even hosting.

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Our Process

What we have learned over the years is the most effective process for designing a site for someone is a simple formula.

1. Listen – If you listen to someone and what their wants and needs are you will be more effective in the creation process.

2 Learn – Learn their business and competitors. Approach the project to outperform their competitors.

3. Create – Create a design that fits what you learned.

4. Complete – Never leave a job unfinished or hand a site to someone that is not complete.


Creative experience is a lifetime achievement. The amount of time we have been building websites is 20 plus years. We can develop most anything you give us. If we can’t we can find someone for you who can. That’s a big difference in our industry. Far too many times people say they can do something and cannot.


Discover the difference with Cat60 Designs


Yes that’s correct, tools to complete websites. Our tools are not like in the picture. We have numerouse software titles to complete jobs. We have the entire Adobe CS suite. We also have a ton of other software that we have learned over the years. If you dream it, we can make it.


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