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Bill Connors

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I’m the owner of Cat60 Designs, LLC. I’ve been in the IT industry for over 20 years. I’ve been doing website development for most of those years but only started in 2016 making a business out of it.

Since the dawn of the Internet, man has been driven to exploit it. Why not? It’s in our nature to make the best of our lives. If we can make great money and show off our talents we should. This article is about what a well developed website can do for you. Website Design is art as much as it is your storefront, or window into your life. Website Development along with SEO can make or break you if you live on the Internet.

What You Need To Know About Website Development

There are several ways to get that site you need.

1. You can find a reputable, professional website design company.

2. Hire from a freelance site. (Cheap but who knows who you will get)

3. Do it yourself. (If you have the knowledge and time)

4. Get your Cousin Frank to do it because he spends 20 hours a day on Facebook and knows everything about website design ans SEO

The first option is probably your best choice but the most expensive. These are the things you need to know about finding a reputable professional website deign company.

1. How are their reviews? You can research companies before you go with them. Look at their reviews on Facebook, Google and other websites. Look at their site. Is it up to date, well built, easy to navigate. Are the pictures stock photos or are there custom graphics.

2. Are they readily available to take on your project? Sometimes developers will have a lot on their plate. Make sure they have the time to spend on your project to produce it in a timely fashion.

3. Most will probably ask for a deposit to start the site due to upfront expenses. It cost money to start a website. Hosting, domain registration, plugins for WordPress sites and other things that may come into play.

4. These companies will probably give you more attention than the other options including building it yourself.

Hiring a Freelancer from a Freelance site is probably your cheapest option for not doing it yourself. Here’s what you need to know about them.

1. They are cookie cutter designers mostly, unless you want to pay more money.

2. Most are from undeveloped countries so you can get a great price, at the expense of difficulty reaching them. I have used a Freelancer and got lucky to pick someone that worked their but off on a database for a fair price.

3. The language barrier can be an issue.

Building it yourself as far as out of pocket expense will be the cheapest. However you have to think is it worth your time, and can you produce something that will work.

Here’s what you will have to ask yourself:

1. Do you have the time to take away from your business?

2. Do you have the ability to learn the programs you will need to develop your site and promote it?

3. Will you be able to keep up with the demand of keeping content current so you can rank in search engines?

I’m not going into the last option because family is great, but this option can destroy a family.

Custom Graphics Are A Must
Graphic by Cat60 Designs via Cat60.com

Custom Graphics.

Custom Graphics are a must to capture the eye. They can be used just as eye candy or to promote your business. A good Website design company can do this for you. Images are part of SEO because they have keywords attached to them using alt text.

“If you build it, they will come”


In the years I have been building websites, the most important part I have found is the promoting of sites so you can be found you on Google, Bing or Yahoo and basically all over the Internet.

So you built the bomb site or had someone build it for you and nobody is visiting it. How can this be? You paid for someone to build the site or built it yourself, people should be able to find it. There is a solution and it’s called Search Engine Optimization or (SEO).

SEO is done in a way that search engines get to know your company and list it in the categories it’s supposed to be listed in. It also helps to get it ranked against the other companies on that list or your competitors.

Why this is so important? Well lets say you go to the mall looking for some new sneakers. You don’t know what store to buy from so you search out every store that carries sneakers. Once you have made visited every store, you will pick the one that has the shoes you want at the price you want.

I hope you found this useful.


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