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Where is website design going this year? If the past is any indicator, people are tired of paying for websites that cost a lot of money and don’t convert. It’s one thing to grab a bunch of images and design a good looking site. With YouTube so many people with no experience can build a website. It’s cheap, and you can make it look amazing. So to up the bar website developers have to do way more than just put a site together.

The New Competition

The new competition is companies taking a stab at building their own websites. Website developers have enjoyed the fact that there was a higher demand for their services. We would be able to charge premium prices for well built websites. It’s time consuming to do all the legwork required to build a website. Taking a company that has never had a website to do a basic checklist. Pick and purchase the correct domain name. Creating email addresses, deciding the platform to build on, website hosting, how many pages, name the pages, organize the pages the list can go on and on. 

Now with WordPress, it has made it so that people can just buy a domain, hosting, get a theme and away they go. So, where does that leave us? Well, high end website design, eCommerce and platforms that require much more than just a who we are, what we do and how to contact us website. Competing in low end design is not an ideal place to be for a designer unless you can add value.

To Compete

In order to compete with your own customers, you have to take the turn and become the company that does it all. You have to be able to do all the design, including custom images and SEO. So that requires training if you don’t already know how to do it.

I have been listening to my customers. Being a business owner and wanting to remain in business, it’s what I do. They are inundated with spam on people saying they can get them #1 on Google or looks like you haven’t updated your website in a while. I own a company as well. The fact that I own a company that does website development and SEO doesn’t stop these people from spamming me to try to sell services I sell to me. I get a kick out of asking them to take a look and give me a quote. I would imagine if you are not in my shoes it’s not as funny. 

I feel that in order to compete in website development going forward, Website Design companies have to be the all in one shop. This would include, building websites, SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Marketing, custom graphics and anything they can think of tossing into the mix.


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Link Building

The most important part of SEO is to build domain authority. You do it through link building. This kind of goes hand in hand with reputation. You can say, Google is superficial. They want to measure your page authority by the quality of links that go back to your page. So if you are getting backlinks from credible websites, Google is going to look at that and increase your domain authority. It’s very time consuming to get these links. If you work hard enough over time you will gain page authority and be in favor of Google. Press releases are a great way to get high quality backlinks. Being a guest blogger, ask webmaster to put a link to an article you write or information page. There are tons of articles, videos and information on how to obtain them.

Behavioral and Mobile Signals

Reputation portion of the pie chat also consists of behavioral and mobile signals.  Your reputation is measured both online and offline. You may ask how Google can measure your reputation offline? One way is you get reviews on pages like your Google My Business and social media. Google pays attention to how you interact with people that leave reviews. Respond to all reviews you get. You can be a guest speaker at a seminar or something equivalent. Take videos of them and post to social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc..

So the bottom line is so far 53% of SEO is based on are you an authority in your industry and if you know what you’re saying.

Google My Business Signals

So here is the last part of Reputation. Google looks at your Google My Business to determine your reputation. If you don’t have a Google My Business you are missing the boat. You will never get anywhere with your website if you do not follow all parts of what Google is looking for.

Google has created a great place for your business to get your information out. Google My Business is a place for you to showcase the most important part of what your business is all about.  You can post photos, interact directly with your customers and manage how your business information appears across Google, including search and maps.

They even have a mobile app so you can keep your business updated from anywhere. Post articles, tell what your are selling. You can see insights on how your customers searched for you.

So now reputation is 62% of what helps rank your website but we are not done.


Content is 14% of SEO. I would say that doing website analysis for years now, 95% of websites lack content. So what kind of content is Google looking for? Google is looking for how what content vs. HTML is and what your actual content says. Google is looking for 20% to 60% content to HTML ratio to start. 90% of websites I analyze have less than 10%. So how does this affect your site?

A lot of people think Google is strictly an automated company scouring the Internet with Bots or Spiders or Crawlers, whatever you want to call them. I like to call them Crawler Bots. Google does have them and use them to collect data. What most people, including so called SEO specialists don’t know is that Google also puts human eyes on your website. I’m not familiar at what point they do this but I would imagine it happening when your website starts gaining rank.

So content also is about what you are actually telling people. Are your statements correct, accurate and relevant? Google will find out. If you are truly an authority in your industry, your content will verify that.  Content also consists of header tags, i.e. H1, H2, H3 etc…

Reputation Management

So here we go again. 13% added to reputation. This is the controlling of an individual, group or organizations reputation. Think of it as a PR role. There are actually companies out there that manages reputation for others. I’m not sure that this section only is responsible for 13% of SEO. Your reputation is key in business and life in general. It’s all you have to prove to the world your worth.

Reputation = 75% of SEO

Citation Management

OK!! More Reputation. Citation management speaks for itself. You need to manage your research and awards. There is software that can help you manage it. They put in a database your publications like blog posts and bibliography.

Add another 13% to reputation to bring total to 88% of SEO.


This just refers to where you what you want your company to be searched for. So if you sell used car parts you don’t want to be listed under restaurants. 🙂 So this helps Google to use relative keywords to place your site where it needs to be. So your content has to be relative to the desired search preference. 9%


Social Media

When I first started years ago to look for what Google is looking for, I would have guessed more emphasis would be placed on Social Media. This did not come true. It is a huge part of how you can market your company, but there is not a huge need for SEO in social media. Just 4%

Pie Chart Calculation Problem

You may ask why 125% is the sum of the parts? Well calculating SEO is confusing. The Biggest thing you need to know is that Reputation is what Google is looking for.

They want to make sure if your are going to be #1 your site needs to be the site that gives the answers to their customers fast and accurately. So when you decide to write your content, make is easy to read, make your site as informational as possible and make sure your content is relevant and accurate. Be helpful, and a benefit to your customers and potential customers. Be the company that cares and offer a helping hand.

A great man Zig Ziglar once said – “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” 

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