Why every website needs SEO!
MARCH, 2016
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Bill Connors

Bill Connors

Owner Cat60 Designs, LLC

About the Author

I’m the owner of Cat60 Designs, LLC. I’ve been in the IT industry for over 20 years. I’ve been doing website development for most of those years but only started in 2016 making a business out of it.

A website can be an expensive endeavor. If you have built your own website, you understand what is needed just to create the website design. You also understand that just to build a website without SEO, you’re wasting your time. There are Billions of websites out there. If you just build a website and don’t put in the work to get it ranked, nobody will find it.

What You Need To Know About SEO

So you either built a site or you had someone build it for you. It looks good and months down the road you realize nobody has ever called or written to you saying I found you on Google, Bing or Yahoo.¬†How can this be? You paid for someone to build the site people should be able to find it. Or I put so much time in learning how to build a site and nobody has notices. There is a solution and it’s called Search Engine Optimization or (SEO).

SEO is done in a way that search engines get to know your company and list it in the categories it’s supposed to be listed in. It also helps to get it ranked against the other companies on that list, or your competitors.

Why this is so important? Well lets say you go to the mall looking for some new sneakers. You don’t know what store to buy from so you search out every store that carries sneakers. Once you have made visited every store, you will pick the one that has the shoes you want at the price you want. Very time consuming and tiring. Wouldn’t it be better to have someone that can do this for you? Well SEO companies are the solution to getting your site the attention it needs.

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SEO is a tricky business. It’s forever changing how websites rank you. One day it could be keyword density is the most important thing, then next day it could be readability. So the question becomes how do we find out what sites need to keep up with ranking. The big companies and Google contributors know the answers. They are informed as to what they need to do or have made the policy. So for the little guy, all we can do is follow what the big companies are doing. This is very time consuming so we actually use programs that tell us what we need to do.
The Bottom line is SEO is the most important part of a website that need customers. Without it you may as well not spend anything on the Internet.


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